BBTitans: Khosi tells Blaqboi that Thabang wants their relationship to be open, she can’t stay away from him (Video)

Blaqboi and Khosi get closer
Blaqboi and Khosi get closer



After last night’s triple eviction, Khosi and Blaqboi offered solace to each other over a chat and discussed how much the evictions hit them; Blaqboi shared that he was in his feelings because two people he cared about – Blue Aiva and Nana – left in one night.

While Khosi will miss Miracle OP, she has accepted her fate and can’t wait to reunite with him when she leaves the Big Brother Titans’ house.

They also spoke about their reactions to the evictions, the chaos that would ensue if Blaqboi asked Khosi to join him in the HoH room, and his relationship with Blue Aiva, whom Khosi believes helped Blaqboi open up.

After hours of bonding in the garden, Khosi and Blaqboi headed to the dressing room and discussed their first impressions of each other and Khosi feeling like an unliked outcast amongst the housemates.

She said she was unsure why they disliked her, but it was all love from her end. Blaqboi encouraged her and said he could see why people might not like her, but he doesn’t think all the housemates hate her.

Blaqboi and Khosi have been friends for a while, but their sudden closeness has brought speculations from the fans on socials; some think it’s wholesome, while others believe Khosi and Blaqboi might be flirting; what do you think?


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