BBTitans: Khosi spoke to Justin about missing Yemi Cregx

Khosi spoke to Justin about missing Yemi Cregx
Khosi spoke to Justin about missing Yemi Cregx



Out of sight isn’t out of mind after all …
The Khoyemi ship was set asunder on Sunday with the announcement that the Yelisa pair had been evicted. Prior to this, Khosi and Yemi Cregx had been close though, often having little fights here and there.

Barely a week into the house the two had discussions about being a couple and had bouts of arguments when Blue Aiva and Thabang came into the picture.

Though the two managed to sail through these periods of fights, Yemi Cregx finally made it clear during the Valentine’s Day dinner that Khosi was his main squeeze in the house.

However, he continued to be uncomfortable with Khosi’s involvement with Thabang.

Yemi Cregx used the emotions of his paired partner Nelisa as an excuse saying Khosi’s involvement with Thabang was causing Nelisa emotional pain because she had a situationship with him.

Yemi Cregx also had to deal with Khosi’s paired partner Miracle OP, who felt Yemi Cregx was disrespectful because of the way he spoke to Khosi and his liaison with Blue Aiva.

With all the triangles and fights, the two found a way to remain in each other’s lives and it is only normal that one housemate would feel lonely if the other half of the ship leaves the house.

Yemi Cregx’s shocking exit made it so that Khosi would be half of the Khoyemi ship wallowing in loneliness.

It might just have been the emotional task they had with Aquafina, but Khosi just couldn’t help but lament her loneliness to Justin.

Is she going to mix up with other housemates? We think so but stylishly.

Her podcast Coffee with Khosi seems to be a move not only to show her talent but to get to know the other housemates better.

Here’s hoping she makes the best of her time without Yemi Cregx in the house.