BBTitans: Khosi shines as Tail of House, as she took it as a joy ride

Khosi shines as Tail of House as she took it as a joy ride
Khosi shines as Tail of House as she took it as a joy ride




The tail of House punishment is a breeze for others and a nightmare for some housemates.

Being the Tail of House in BiggIe’s house is a big deal – however, Khosi seems to be taking it as a joy ride.

Khosi, Justin, and Kanaga Jnr earned the Tail of House title, but it’s Khosi that’s living up to Biggie’s punishment. This is the first second that she and to wear the tail.

After being at the bottom during Monday’s task, their punishment was to have meals without using utensils but to use their hands. This comes after they performed horribly during the HoH games.

The challenge was a game of dice and coins which was split into three stages, to win, each housemate had to finish each stage in order to make it to the next.

The housemates were expected to roll their dice in the cup and pour it on the table without revealing the number of the dice.

The trick was in how the housemates rolled the dice. A lucky roll, lead them to the next task which was a game of cards, then finally a Lego game in which they had to erect the structure in place.

Being a Zulu girl, Khosi welcomed the punishment with pride and has been doing what Biggie summoned – eating out of the palm of her hand. She seems to be embracing too.

Many social media followers felt that the Tail of House punishment was a breeze this time, considering the previous punishment that the housemates had to execute.

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While Khosi has it easy eating with her hands, it’s a tricky one for Justin and Kanaga.