BBTitans: Khosi got a new best friend, since the eviction of four housemates.

Ebubu and Khosi build a bond.
Ebubu and Khosi build a bond.



Ever since the eviction of four housemates in one fell swoop, the house seems to be getting quieter. One of those four evicted housemates was Khosi’s bae Yemi, so it’s understandable that she’s been feeling a bit lonely.

Over the past few days, we’ve seen Khosi get closer to Ebubu, sharing conversations with him. The budding friendship started earlier this week when she came up with the Coffee with Khosi podcast. Ebubu was her first guest. The podcast gave him a chance to open up about himself and his upbringing, something we hardly get to hear about from Ebubu.

Today, the two had another conversation. This time it was doing rounds on the housemates.

Khosi called Ebubu to one side and asked him to have a conversation about the housemates’ personalities. Ebubu held back until Khosi finally convinced him to join in, praising his ability to psychoanalyze the housemates. But Ebubu was avoiding gossip.

The first topic of discussion was Thabang. Khosi told Ebubu that she’s finally opened up her heart to him, but she’s still being cautious about it. Ebubu said there was nothing wrong with that, but that she needs to keep in mind that Thabang is young and playful.

Tsatsii and Ipeleng’s friendship was up next on the table. Khosi mentioned that the two are fond of each other because of their common personalities, even though sometimes they seem to be at low-ley loggerheads.

Khosi had many positive things to say about Yvonne, gushing about what a beautiful woman she is.

Khosi has noticed that he is a strong contender and is milking him for more information about other housemates because he is so observant.

The next guest on her show was Justin and we hope we get to see more “episodes” that reveal more insights about the housemates. Who do you think she should interview next?