BBTitans: Khobang takes a break (Reasons)

Khobang take a break
Khobang take a break



Is the break-up between Khosi and Thabang permanent or not?

Khosi and Thabang have called it quits after a week of flirtatious kisses. The two decided to go their separate ways after Khosi said she was indecisive about who to be with when the show comes to an end.

Last night, Blaqboi and Khosi had a discussion about the men in her life and how none of them had ever done something concrete enough for her.

Blaqboi, however, called her out saying she also wasn’t making things easier, and pointed out how quickly Khosi moved on to Thabang following Yemi Cregx’s exit. He told her she was doing the same thing that she accused Yemi Cregx of when he was hooking up with Blue Aiva.

We don’t know if Khosi felt any guilt but she seemed disturbed by Blaqboi’s statement and brought it up with Thabang while they took a nap in the morning.

Thabang tried to make sense of the situation, saying he didn’t know Khosi was double-minded about their situationship. The two then decided to cut things off.

Looking at the track record of both housemates in previous situationships, we are not sure if their decision will stand. We all remember how Khoyemi had a million break-ups and make-ups, as well as Thabang’s moments with Nelisa, right?

These are some of the reasons why we are looking at Khobang with some serious side-eye.  Like who una dey deceive?

Anyway, the coming days will tell if the Khobang will stick to their current decision to spend time apart. Or not …