BBTitans: Justin inquires about Khobang’s problems, Khosi replies (Video)

Khosi asks Thabang he replies
Khosi asks Thabang he replies



Inspector Justin tries to solve the Khobang mystery.

Justin did a little digging into the Khobang ship and why they seem to be on shaky grounds.

After the Saturday night party, Justin went to Sandton to speak with Khosi. He asked her about her ship with Thabang and what issues they were having.

Khosi was quick to speak up as she accused Thabang of not standing up for her and also not being decisive about what they are doing together.

To explain further, she gave an example of Yemi Cregx choosing her over Blue Aiva and making it a public decision after she called out Yemi Cregx’s hide-and-seek relationship with Blue AIva.

Khosi also revealed she had heard convos between other housemates and Thabang about her and she did not like the fact that Thabang fails to stand up for her in those discussions. Justin in a bid to understand the situation better asked about the history of Khobang and how it came to be an item.

Khosi said she and Thabang started flirting after her fight with Jenni O. She also said Yemi Cregx didn’t think anything of the closeness between her and Thabang until other housemates started speaking about it.

She further said she chose to stick with Yemi instead of starting a thing with Thabang because Yemi Cregx was intentional about being with her. An attribute Thabang still struggles with.

Justin tried to make a case for his friend as he brought up Thabang’s age and said Khosi shouldn’t expect the same level of maturity from a 21-year-old as she would from someone who was in his thirties. Khosi responded saying she appreciated what Thabang has brought to the table and would have loved things to go on outside the house but she is not so sure anymore.

Thabang gives me the vibe of “Hey she’s not my type of girl and when I leave this house , she’s gonna have a different type “, I get that and I understand that’s why he keeps talking about how people in this house are different – Khosi


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