BBTitans: Hunger strikes for the housemates this week (Details)

Hunger strikes for the housemates
Hunger strikes for the housemates



Tough week ahead for the housemates.

After their wager loss, the housemates tried drowning their sorrows at the pool party. That didn’t help much because, after two hours of the groove, reality sank in again.

They lost their wager and they’re running out of food supplies. Spaghetti and mince, eggs and noodles, or chakalaka and soup are the menu options the housemates have.

After the bleak pool party ended, housemates put their heads together and brainstormed ideas on what to cook considering the minimum food they have.

Earlier in the evening, Blaqboi went buck wild and had six packets of noodles. And now that the braai masters, Miracle OP and Juicy Jay have left, the housemates preferred to starve during the pool party and left the meat to chill next to the braai stand.

Reality hit when the party ended. The housemates recounted what Biggie gives them as part of the daily necessities; condoms, sanitary pads, toilet paper, sunscreen, insect repellent, washing powder, and meat is all that Biggie could offer.

Earlier this week, Thabang told Biggie during his diary sessions that they have too much food and they would like to donate the food to the less fortunate – guess he spoke too soon.

The housemates saved the little meat they had to get them through the week.

With the wager loss, hunger and the fight for food are in the pipeline this week. Let’s see how the housemates survive.