BBTitans: How a quarter of the house, gone

How a quarter of the house gone
How a quarter of the house gone



It might be a quiet morning.

Following last night’s triple eviction, you would be forgiven for thinking the house could be 25% quieter, but – in fact – it’s likely going to be even quieter than that given the identities of the evictees.

Blue Aiva was a show all on her own. She was among the four surprise housemates who entered the house one Thursday night, and she was front and center for a lot of her time. Her “thing” with Yemi, her dancing, her singing – she turned up. And now she’s gone.

Then, there’s Miracle OP. He wasn’t exactly a shrinking violet, either. His personality was hard to ignore. His affection for Khosi (and disdain for Yemi) caught viewers’ attention, his pursuit of Ipeleng got tongues wagging, and even his exit was boisterous.

Nana was the quietest of the three evicted housemates, but her presence will be missed, too. There was simply something about the way she carried herself that meant people noticed her even when she was quiet.

So, as dawn breaks on week 10, the Big Brother Titans housemates will have one thing on their minds: the evictions this coming Sunday.

If they can survive them, they make it into the final. Of course, Ipeleng and Ebubu will not have to concern themselves with that, but they will be keeping an eye on the others – against whom will they have to go up?

Judging by the way this season has played out, predictions are a risky business.