BBTitans: Housemates received their week 3 wager task

This weeks wager task
This weeks wager task



This week’s wager task is to host a traditional meal via a cooking show, on Monday, Big Brother called on the Head of the House into the diary room to relay instructions about this week’s wager task, and there was a quick split decision among housemates on the percentage. They settled on 75%.

Blaqboi read the wager task to the housemates, who seemed to be excited – one of the happy consequences of the task is food, and lots of it. And some food for thought. Just as well: There was some tension in the house this morning as nobody is that thrilled about eating noodles for breakfast.

The task is that the housemates are to cook a three-course meal (a starter, main meal, and dessert) that combines Nigerian and South African flavours.

It should be cohesive and it is to be presented via a cooking show, with dressed tables, presenters, chefs, and sous chefs.

They will be given a chance to order ingredients and props by the end of today, but there’s no guarantee that these will be satisfied by Biggie

. Should the housemates win the task, 75% percent will be added to their shopping budget. If they lose, that percentage will be deducted.

The housemates quickly and eagerly put their heads together to decide on meals, but there were many cooks and many opinions.

A few felt that certain traditional meals could not be remixed.

On the suggested recipe list so far are egusi soup, kota, dombola, magwinya, jollof rice, yam, pork trotters, and even sheep’s head. Let’s see how this plays out!

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In other news, Tsatsii and Kanaga Jnr seem to be growing closer, could it be a new ship?

Over the past few days, Tsatsii and Kanaga have grown fond of one another. With more time spent together, their energies seem to be gravitating together.

Even though they’ve been trying to keep it low-key from prying housemates, the two have been spotted having deep conversations.

They’re def trying to get to know each other away from the other housemates.

At the Saturday night part, the two shared their first kiss, thereafter sharing a bed and having a steamy conversation about intimacy.

After the evictions last night, Kanaga shared pictures and his childhood upbringing with Tsatsii.

The two share a deep moment:

Social media followers seem to love the pair; many love their new possible ship.

Is this a new romance brewing in the Big Brothers house? Trust us: it’ll all unfold!