BBTitan’s Fans Caught Khosi Begging & Crying Over Yemi Cregx & Blue Aiva (Video)

Yemi Bashes Blue Aiva and Khosi Comes to her Defense
Yemi, Blue Aiva and Khosi



Since the BBTITANS house turned off their lights, drama has been on outside the house. These ex-housemates have not failed to keep fans entertained with their drama.

Fans have begun to accuse Khosi of crying over Yemi Cregx. Although the star had claimed nonchalance about her ex-boo and Blue Aiva, it seems fans have found reason to doubt her.

On Twitter space, one fan claimed that the BBTITANS winner has been crying over her Nigerian lover. “She keeps crying and asking if will Yemi ever forgive her”, said the fan with insider information.

They claim that Beauty Tukura’s beach party which had Yemi Cregx and Blue Aiva in attendance had Khosi in tears. Fans allege that the winner broke down and confessed her desire to reconcile with Yemi Cregx.

The fan claims that this information was got from an insider source. She claimed that this insider revealed all these to her over a phone call.

The insider also confirmed Khosi’s hate for Blue Aiva. She also revealed that attempts to reach Yemi Cregx has been futile.

Do we believe this insider source? Or is this just a strategy to soil Khosi’s name?


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