BBTitans: Ebubu Shocks Housemates, Viewers with New Talent (video)

Ebubu Shocks Housemates
Ebubu Shocks Housemates



It was unimaginable when Ebubu suddenly brought out a side of him nobody has ever seen in the Big Brother Titans Season 1 reality TV show.

While they were performing and rehearsing for the task due in less than an hour, Ebubu presented his craft in a way that wowed his fellow housemates and viewers.

Nobody suspected that the handsome albino Nigerian could act professionally.

He amused the housemates to the level they rained a round of applause for him, looking at the way he conveyed his message during their rehearsal.

Meanwhile, many fans are positive that the housemates would win the wager coming up in a while from the time of filing this report.

The housemates have given their all in the practice, hoping that they don’t mess the task up like the previous ones they’ve carried out in the recent past.

Their rehearsal today started with the Head of House Blaqboi calling on all pairs to come into the lounge.

The rehearsal began almost immediately with a few hiccups sorted out with the help of Jenni O, and a couple of other housemates who chimed in.

The rehearsal sequence started with a mock fight between two warring groups which then led to a pause and Jenni O giving a speech about African warriors.

This led to each paired housemate coming forward to explain the design of their shields. The mock presentation ended with another group performance.


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