BBTitans Day 14 Summary of all the events that happened in week 2 2023

BBTitans Day 14 Summary of all the events that happened in week 2 2023
BBTitans Day 14 Summary of all the events that happened in week 2 2023



The housemates would have woken up on Monday in a pretty good frame of mind – nobody had been evicted the night before, everybody was settling in, and they had a week of possibilities ahead of them. Some of those possibilities came to fruition, but it certainly wasn’t a week without its challenges.

It takes two

Firstly, the housemates learned that they would be continuing their run on Big Brother Titans as pairs consisting of one male and one female, one Nigerian and one South African.

Suddenly, the entire dynamic of the game changed, and not everyone was overjoyed by what that change would mean. Obviously, some would have preferred different partners.

New Head(s) of House

Monday also saw the pair of Blaqleng (Blaqboi and Ipeleng) win the Head of House title.

This is, of course, great for them, but it comes with a little sting in the tail: the save and replace.

You see, they are the first Heads of the House with a real ability to sway nominations, since the housemates aren’t going to be let off the hook too many times in the coming weeks, and the fact that they are the first to wield that power might put something of a target on their back.

Not from Ebubu and Tsatsii, obviously – since they were the pair that Blaqleng saved – but Juicy Jay and Olivia will be less than happy as their replacements.

Of course, if they’re evicted tonight, it doesn’t really matter. If not – they might want some revenge.

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Boy, there was a lot of smooching (and more)

Look. It’s been a lot. Here’s a video to get us started.

Then, there is the first ship of the season, Yemi Cregx and Khosi.

We’re getting whiplash from the rate at which these two shift their position in their relationship. By Day 11, it seemed pretty stable, even if it wasn’t exactly what you would call trust.

Unfortunately, the on-again, off-again pair that is Khosi and Yemi Cregx has been causing ructions.

Yemi did not appreciate what he perceived as Miracle OP trying to make moves on Khosi. To be fair, he perceived that because that is, pretty much, exactly what Miracle was doing.

For her part, Khosi also has some suspicions, and she confronted Blue Aiva about how she was “hanging onto” her man. Khosi wanted to rope in other opinions, and Blue was not having any of it.

However, Blue Aiva is obviously worried enough to discuss the situation with Mmeli.

Moving on from that exhausting situation, let’s focus on the hot and heavy pair of Ipeleng and Lukay. They seem pretty sure that their relationship does not require discussion. It would just get in the way.

The wager win

Moving on from relationships, the housemates managed to pull off a win from their second wager task of the season, which would have done much to make up for their dismal failure the previous week.

Hopefully, the high that comes with that win will carry them through the next few days and the first eviction of the season. This game is not about to get any easier.