BBTitans: “Bwess Is Not A Private Part In Sourh Africa?” — Reactions As Khosi shows off Her B00bs [photo]



The buzz and fun from the big brother Naija show to keep going higher as the housemates won’t stop entertaining the viewers who are eager to keep watching.

On the buzz feed today generating a lot of reactions is Khosi who has been on the lips of so many viewers, literally one of the most talked about houses, and she is not slowing down anytime soon.

Today she woke up showing her bare boobs as the camera caught her, might not be deliberately, but it has really generated a lot of reactions from fans and viewers.



Khosi 1


Reactions below:

Emmy Lambo: Breast is not a private part in South Africa

Homachee: Cover that breast Khosi

Silent lover: this South Africans and breast sef

Wacko: we love the breast, bring more

Mrjay: make una start to knack abeg, we don tire to see only breast.


In other news, Yvonne and Juicy Jay had a conversation in the early hours of the day about his dating history and cheating in a relationship. 

Yvonne and Juicy Jay had a conversation in the early hours of the day about his dating history and cheating in a relationship.

Though they have shared a few kisses, Juicy Jay is still on a mission to convince Yvonne that he is the man of her dreams. While shooting his shot in the early hours of the day, Juicy Jay veered into his past relationships and cheating.

He revealed to Yvonne that he had never cheated in any relationship. What was interesting about this convo was his claim that he never “had the opportunity to cheat”.

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Juicy Jay further opened up to Yvonne that his last relationship ended in 2018 and that he has not had anything with anyone beyond situationships since then.

Was he saying this to get Yvonne’s trust? Not sure but only time will tell if Yvonne will be interested.

While Juicy Jay was trying his best to let Yvonne know he was not a cheat. Yemi Cregx on the other hand was not bothered about wearing the hat of faithfulness as he invited Khosi to his bed and shared a kiss with her while having a conversation. In case y’all are not in the mix. Yemi Cregx has also been spotted spending time and sharing kisses with Blue Aiva.

Hey! We are definitely not judging here because one man meat na another man poison.

While Juicy Jay is intent on being seen as a faithful guy, Yemi Cregx isn’t giving two hoots about what anyone thinks.