BBTitans: Bittersweet tuesday afternoon diary session (details)

Bittersweet tuesday afternoon diary session
Bittersweet tuesday afternoon diary session



Diary sessions revealed a lot about housemates adjusting to pairs, following nominations on Monday, and diary sessions took place on Tuesday afternoon.

Nelisa, Yemi Cregz, Juicy Jay, Olivia, Justin, Yvonne, Sandra, and Theo were the nominated housemates that were up for eviction.

The diary sessions were tense with the nominated housemates trying to keep it together but Biggie easily noticed that they weren’t impressed with his decision to pair them up.

During diary sessions, housemates explained to Big Brother the reasons for their selected nominations and it’s clear that there is a division between the titans ever since the pairing.

Biggie asked the housemates about their partners’ strengths and weaknesses and also asked that they reflect on the past few days of being in the house and the recently elected Heads of the House.

Some of the nominated housemates felt their partners were the reasons they were nominated while others felt that they were a threat to some.

Yemi made it clear to Biggie that he’d much rather have Khosi as a partner, and Oliva asked Biggie to reconsider his decision, saying it is punishment.

Social media viewers also shared their views during the diary session.

After spending together, will the housemates eventually warm up to the idea of being paired or will Biggie twist the plot again?