BBTitans: Biggie changed the housemates plans

Biggie changed the housemates plans
Biggie changed the housemates plans



Heritage Day came early in Biggie’s house.

After the Friday night games, the housemates had planned a sex party for the evening. It was supposed to be all things exotic and fun.

The excitement went down south after Biggie changed the plans and summoned the housemates to the garden.

The evening consisted of the housemates having traditional Naija and Mzansi traditional food.

Biggie handed over some trivia games and asked that they share their African heritage stories.

The housemates spent the early hours of the morning sharing their childhood memories over a bonfire.

They went around the room introducing themselves and giving a brief history of themselves.

Blue Aiva played up to Biggie’s expectations and told her Ndebele cultural story that warmed the hearts of the housemates, she shared everything from virginity checks to male circumcision checks which left the housemates in awe.

Miracle OP told a horror story that sent chills down the housemates’ spines which left the socials in shivers. He relayed his past childhood story of ghosts haunting them at boarding school.

It was a ‘ncaaw’ moment after the housemates shared their stories.