BBTitans: “Awwwn…She don fall” – Reactions as Ipeleng wooed Miracle with sweet words (Video)

Reactions as Ipeleng wooed Miracle with sweet words
Reactions as Ipeleng wooed Miracle with sweet words



Big Brother Titans housemate, Ipeleng showers Miracle OP with sweet words in a recent conversation with him, although she gives him much attention, Ipeleng has yet to express any feelings for the Original Playa.

Miracle OP has made several moves towards Ipeleng in the hopes of making their ship official. However, she initially told him off on day 47 because she did not want to rush into anything following her brief romantic relationship with former housemate Lukay.

Also, Miracle OP’s mysterious letter to Khosi rubbed her up the wrong way. But she is gradually warming up to him, even as she is unsure of his true feelings because he knows how to lure people with his words. In the garden last night, she and Ebubu even playfully referred to him as a “businessman” because of his ability to sell anything to anyone.

These days, Ipeleng and Miracle OP are spending more time together, sharing hugs, pecks, and even a brief kiss (which socials loved!), and in no time, fans gave them a ship name, “Miraleng.” (It’s catchier than Ipecle …)

Just before the housemates won their wager task under Ipeleng’s HoH reign, she wooed Miracle OP with poetry and sweet melodies from a guitar. He gushed throughout – and so did she.

The romance did not end there; she stayed with him while he braaied meat for the house after the pool party. While she eventually had to leave (did food take forever?) for bed, she did not go without a hug and promises of dreaming about one another.

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In other news, With all the changes this week, it’s hard to predict how things will progress.

Let’s face it – it’s been a unique week: we had the first double eviction on Sunday, the splitting of the pairs followed by Ipeleng winning Supreme Veto Power, a guaranteed place in the finale, and an announcement that this will be a non-voting week.

On top of that, Ipeleng will be required to reveal the contents of an envelope on Sunday, which could mean anything. Obviously, fans are worried about what that envelope might reveal.

Will Ipeleng be given sole power to nominate housemates or to immunize them from nomination? Even more dramatically, will she be allowed to evict housemates, all on her lonesome? Nobody knows, and anybody telling you that they do is lying.

That’s literally it. The only thing that’s “situation normal” is the fact that it’s a Thursday and the housemates have a presentation coming up. Everything else about the goings-on in the house is new. For example, the housemates have never wagered 100% of their BBTokens on the outcome of a task. While we can appreciate their confidence, they must be feeling the strain.

Usually, the outcome of a wager task reflects on the qualities of that week’s Head of House. Don’t get us wrong, that’s true of this week, too, but it makes very little difference. Win or lose the wager, Ipeleng is not going to find herself at any risk next week. She’s immune. She’s a finalist.

More to the point, housemates are going to be very careful in how they deal with Ipeleng moving forward. Remember, they have no idea what’s in that envelope. All they know is that she wields the Supreme Voting Power, which means she has the ability to single-handedly destroy a housemate’s chances in the game. There are 11 other housemates who would all like a shot at USD$100 000, and she may have a lot of say over who gets that chance.

Ipeleng must be feeling some strain herself. She knows that she’s going to have to make some hard decisions, and we don’t think she’ll relish the opportunity. Ipeleng has never struck us as particularly vindictive, so she’ll probably take the responsibility of wielding that power quite hard. The housemates have been getting along remarkably well this season, so predicting who she’s going to put on the block is tricky.

Usually, we’d try to end with a few words that put all of this into a bit of context. We like to provide clarity. This time, however, we just can’t. We have no idea what’s coming. This is the Wild West. All we can do is suggest that you keep watching but keep your trigger finger at the ready.