BBTitans: Are Blaqboi and Khosi getting it on?

Are Blaqboi and Khosi getting it on
Are Blaqboi and Khosi getting it on



Blaqboi and Khosi have gotten a lot closer lately and it has got us wondering: is there something going on between them?

A few weeks back, Khosi had accused Blaqboi of having affections for her, but he denied it and all seemed to be well in the land.

The two have, however, got tongues wagging as they have become close following the eviction of Blue Aiva, who was on a ship with Blaqboi.

Immediately after the live show on Sunday, they both spoke at length about Yemi Cregx, and Miracle OP who had just been evicted.

Today, Khosi played about taking a nap next to Blaqboi and asked if he was going to judge her. Blaqboi being a gentleman, said it didn’t mean anything.

Khosi, however, disagreed with Blaqboi, saying it was a big deal for someone to leave their bed and take a nap on a bed belonging to another.

Was Khosi flirting? We are not sure but there is definitely a growing bond between the two,

Khosi has also been quite close to Thabang since the eviction of Yemi Cregx her first in-house boo.

She and Thabang shared a kiss after the last Thursday pool party and it set socials on fire.

Whether her attention shifts to Blaqboi or Thabang, Khosi has definitely got a talent when it comes to getting people into her corner.