BBTitan: Khosi paid no attention to her chest as one of her oranges hangs out (Video)

Khosi paid no attention to her chest as one of her oranges hangs out
Khosi paid no attention to her chest as one of her oranges hangs out



A housemate of Big Brother Titan, Khosi is currently trending after she revealed one of her b##bs by mistake.

Khosi who was preparing to lie down and have a good night’s sleep didn’t pay attention to her chest, not knowing one of her b##b was hanging out.

Watch the video below :


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In other news, Biggie’s warriors prepare for battle.

Following their crushing loss on last week’s wager task, the housemates are pulling all the stops to impress Biggie, and save themselves from taking another L.

Tuesday marked a full day of an eagle’s focus as the housemates went through dress rehearsals to prepare for this week’s wager task.

Because they all face the challenge of redeeming themselves from their first loss, they need to set aside their differences to create a cohesive production that will impress Biggie.

Working together as a united collective should have been the easy part, considering the pressure of delivering a brilliant performance on Wednesday’s task.

For this reason, Olivia took the time to apologize to the housemates for her behavior in the house yesterday.

Her feud with Sandra has been the talk of the town, but there’s work to be done.

But in the diary sessions, Biggie got all the tea on how the housemates feel about the partners they’ve been paired with.

Realizing that they will each need to come to terms with the cards they’ve been dealt, the pairs began working together to paint T-shirts with their new couple name. the housemates later turned their focus on mastering the traditional Nigerian and South African war cries.

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For this week’s warrior-themed wager task, they will be going to the fictional battlefield.

This week, Big Brother wants to encourage the housemates to cultivate their inner warrior. How fitting, seeing as they all put in a good fight to bounce back from massive slumps and show Africa that they all mean business! And if they win, their confidence might just bounce back.

This week, the housemates only wagered 50% of their budget.

Consistent with ancient African traditions, the housemates have been encouraged to harness strength from their powerful lineages.

In celebrating the African spirit, Big Brother asked each housemate pair to create an African warrior garment, a mask, and a shield.

When they have successfully executed the task requirements, each pair will have delivered 12 garments, 12 marks, and 12 shields.

For the presentation, the housemates will be clad as warriors using the items that have been designed.

They will perform a battle dance and explain the symbolic significance of the shield.