BBTitans: Housemates Finally Made Biggie Smile (Video)

Housemates Finally Made Biggie Smile
Housemates Finally Made Biggie Smile


Big Brother Titan housemates can finally smile and dance endlessly at their pool party after they put a smile on Biggie’s face.

They were to embrace their inner African warrior in their wager presentation.

The presentation was the direct opposite of what they presented last week Thursday which sentenced them to seven days of hunger.

Since on Monday when they were given the task all the housemates have been working tirelessly to e sure they win this week’s wager.

Last week after their awful presentation, Big Brother was not happy about it and he so as he told them the news affected their joy at the pool party.

Seeing that they have already won this one their joy is now full and we expect to see a whole life and energy in their pool party.

All the housemates did well but among all of them, some of the housemates deserve a standing ovation.

The likes of Ebubu, Juicy Jay, Marvin, Miracle OP, Kanagar Jnr, and Yemi Cregx were on top of their acting skills as they brought energy and life to the play.

Black Boi who is the head of the house also did very well as it was his constant pressure on the housemates that pushed them to work that hard.

Khosi from the female housemate was also very instrumental in the presentation. After the presentation, it was clear that after the show most of the housemates will be enrolled in the movie line.


In other news, housemates won their first wager task

Embracing their inner African warriors sure did pay off, if you don’t succeed at first, trying again is the way to go, and the Big Brother Titans housemates brought their A-game to the arena tonight. For this week’s wager presentation, Biggie asked the housemates to tap into their inner warriors.


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Additionally, drawing strength and inspiration from their African elders, each pair had to create an African warrior garment, a mask, and a shield.

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After constant practice and preparation, Biggie called their performance a “reincarnation of Shaka Zulu” and stated they had ‘lived the spirit of Sango.

Chief Peter Edochie ran so that Kanaga Jnr could walk! Period!
All housemates gave a stellar performance; however, social media gave notable mentions to Juicy Jay’s brilliant acting, Kanaga Jnr’s ability to pay homage to his roots, and Ebubu’s Yoruba rendition.

Before Big Brother announced their win, the housemates received a warning to refrain from speaking their native languages and, moreover, using stereotypes about their fellow dwellers.

Following the warning, Biggie commended the housemates on their ability to merge South African and Nigerian cultures.

Additionally, he was proud to see the pairs connect and asked the housemates to perform their battle dance one more time. Cue the curtains and drum roll, please, for the now finally have BB tokens!


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