BBNaija’s Angel former social media handlers filthily drags her after she played ‘dirty’ with them

BBNaija Angel
BBNaija Angel


BBNaija Angel in the mud while her former social media handlers drag her dirty after she played ‘dirty’ with them

Big Brother Naija shine ya eyes ex-housemate, Angel Agnes JB Smith has been filthily dragged into the mud as her former social media handlers call her out for unpaid debts.

Angel is currently trending on Twitter as Nigerians are having a field day processing the drama.

A lady identified as [email protected] called Angel out for refusing to reveal her sister, that sapphire as the handler of her social media accounts while she was in the house.

Using several unprintable names, she took a swipe at her and her parents, who she claimed never contributed a dime to their daughter’s success.

She alleged that her parents were using Angel’s mental health as an excuse to shut them up without caring for her sister’s mental health.

The handler shared screenshots of her chats with Angel’s mum and her threat messages.

“Yeah, my recent tweets have been about @theangeljbsmith whose account was handled by my sister @thatsapphiree while she in the house.

This razz babe flat out refused to do the agreed handler reveal and doesn’t want to pay either and she wants to sue. Sue you f*cking idiot, next thing they’ll come and yarn that her mental health se kinikan as per my sister’s mental health doesn’t matter?

You, that your midget manager named Lola, and that broke boi cry baby – Foresythe with the itsy bitsy teenie weenie winner, please sue.

This babe went into the house with literally zero coordination..I don’t need to yarn much about the work the handler put in cos we all saw it. To think you’ll finesse your way out of putting f*cking tweet recognizing my sister as war?

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Nah, this Werey want touch me..if you no sign contract no too put your mind or energy for the thing even if na your maniest guy? Cos why is my sis fighting online with someone who was cursed by buju and a babe who lies about being born rich but her dad contributed less than $100 to her entire BBN campaign? T

he mom too is sending talmbout “my daughter just had to be rushed to the hospital, be prepared for whatever…”alaye no dey yarn me about her mental health, no be her mate dey craze?

Let’s even assume they didn’t have a contract signed beforehand when you look thru how my sis and her team toiled to do image clean up for this rachet babe, you’d expect that the least she’d do is a handler reveal.

Costs you approximately zero nairas to do so. I can cheat you finessing my sister cos you guys didn’t have a binding agreement for her go be your sm person. cookies.

But your mum (or someone who claims to be her)spent her days as emosl#t posturing that her dad has no money, oya let her dad produce receipts of all his donations to her campaign, and this aside from said mam almost ruining her or teams efforts cos he can’t shut the f*ck up……”.