BBNaija: “You’re too greedy” gbas gbos as Chichi & Rachel f!ght$ dirty over egg (Watch Video)

Chichi Rachel war over egg
Chichi Rachel war over egg



“Abeg, I cannot be talking about rubbish, lie want to destroy you,” said Chichi to Rachel in a war of words over Giddyfia’s eggs.


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In other news, Hermes Repays Adekunle by Saving Him from Eviction

Remember Allysyn and Adekunle were best of friends from the start of the show but right now she is with Hermes many thought they were a fight between them but is not so. Adekunle was the one who pushed Hermes to go ahead and ask Allysyn out.

When Hermes went and it looked like it was never going to work, he was still assuring him that she will eventually say yes to him.

We have now assumed that based on the fact that he was the one who gave Hermes Allysyn, Hermes may just be paying back the favour that Adekunle had done for him before.

Another reason could be that they were all on the same level before the merger and were also close.

So, maybe he wants his friends to still be in the house and since he is not very close with Bryann he decided to use him to replace Adekunle.