BBNaija: You’re sensitive with low self-esteem Doyin slams Deji

Youre sensitive with low self esteem Doyin slams Deji
You’re sensitive with low self-esteem Doyin slams Deji



Doyin acknowledges that she and Deji would have a hard time being friends because he is sensitive and takes things too seriously.

When Doyin “joked” with Deji that he is insecure because he is not openly approaching Allysyn, he asked her to watch her words. This led to a conversation about how Doyin does not mince her words when she speaks. “You don’t have a comma or full stop when you speak,” Deji said.

Doyin reckons that the two would not be friends in the House or outside because of his sensitivity.

Insecure was not the only descriptor Doyin used on Deji during their conversation. She said he has low self-esteem.

He did not take it lightly either. She said this when she was trying to understand why he has not made a move on Allysyn even though he knows that she likes him.

It is no secret that Allysyn likes Deji, and it seems Deji is aware of it. When he arrived, Allysyn moved away from Adekunle and started gravitating toward Deji.

She started by helping him with dishes one morning, and subsequently friend-zoned Adekunle.

Doyin has engaged in conversation with Adekunle over his feelings for Allysyn. He said that he is not emotionally invested in a relationship just like Allysyn is not, but Doyin reckons he is in denial of his feelings.

Doyin has since made it clear where she stands with Adekunle, who asked for exclusivity. This means that Allysyn is open to another relationship, should she be interested.

Deji on other hand has not admitted to liking anyone in the House or has approached anyone although Chichi has made her attraction to him very clear.

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Deji’s energy was low during their conversation, and Doyin said he has been sad and depressed since his Disqualification from the HoH Games.

He did express his disappointment about the loss to Doyin, who encouraged him, assuring him that he is not a failure for how the HoH game went. However, he did not appreciate being called sad and depressed by Doyin.

Could her approach be creating more harm than good?