BBNaija: “You’re dumb, you’re immature” Rachel blast Big Sheggz, as they f!ght over food (Watch Video)

Rachel blast Big Sheggz
Rachel blast Big Sheggz



Sheggz and Rachel, he’s upset because Rachel served Bella beef and to him, she has been in the house long enough to know Bella doesn’t eat beef

How it all started, after losing last week’s Wager Task, the Level Up Housemates have lots to lose. Hermes has made it clear that they need to apply as much effort as possible to working together for the Wager Presentation on Friday.

It would alleviate the current conflict in the House centered around food.

Last night, Housemates received their traditional props from Biggie and dancing music. The Task leader, Phyna, started practicing and other Housemates joined her. It was not an official practice session, but it continued regardless.

Since the Housemates are now cooking as a collective, yesterday’s chef was Rachel. She went to the Kitchen to start cooking for everyone, and none of the Housemates went to assist her.

Hermes then announced that they would start practicing after Rachel finished cooking as she was doing it for everyone in the House. Bella objected, suggesting that they should practice first and then eat later.

Practicing first would exclude Rachel, who was making food for the collective, and Hermes did not think it was fair. “Now we can’t practice because of one person,” Bella opposed. She thought that if they ate first, then they would be too tired to practice.

Like a true democratic leader, Hermes called for the Housemates that wanted to practice before eating to raise their hands, and the only one that was up was his. Bella nor Sheggz raised theirs as they noticed that no one had their hand up.

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Bella raised her voice in objection to Hermes, and he stated that everyone has a choice not to participate after eating or only eat after practicing.

“Rubbish talk,” Bella called it, blaming Rachel for the delay.

She told Sheggz that cooking for the collective should not be that hard, and Sheggz said, “if it’s not, then you go do it”.

Hermes is showing up as the Head of House this week, ensuring that important conversations are had, and key things are addressed.

Before he announced the order of the night, he informed the Housemates that Phyna had full authority during Task preparation, and no one was allowed to speak without raising their hands or whispering to Phyna.


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