BBNaija: What happened between Allysyn and Doyin before they reconciled

Allysyn and Doyin reconcile
Allysyn and Doyin reconcile



Allysyn and Doyin reconcile

Doyin’s Eviction caused a strain on their friendship, but Allysyn decides to apologize for her outburst.

Following their previous argument, Doyin and Allysyn tried to iron out their issues.

Allysyn expressed that she felt like Doyin would not have approached her when she returned to the Level Up House if not for Daniella, who ensured that Doyin saw Allysyn, who was asleep when Biggie’s House Guests surprised the Housemates.

Allysyn also stated that she could sense Doyin’s attitude immediately after she saw her.

Doyin defends her actions.

On the other hand, Doyin was unhappy as Allysyn had disrespected her by walking out during their conversation, an action that she didn’t expect from her close friend.

Doyin acknowledged her attitude and stated that it was a subconscious reaction triggered by how she was received when she walked back into the House.

Doyin shared that she felt like the Housemates were not excited to see her, which hurt her feelings.

After baring out their hearts, they both apologized and shared a loving hug.

Once they reconciled, you could see a switch in Doyin’s mood, and in a conversation with Chizzy, she spoke about how their fight had ruined her day, and she was finally at peace because they were now on good terms.