BBNaija Week 7: Double victory as Hermes wins HoH again

Hermes wins HoH again
Hermes wins HoH again



For the second time this season, Hermes emerges as the Head of House, thus gaining Immunity for the week, a Showmax reward date, and exclusive rights to the HoH room.
After his first win on Day 9, Hermes has found his way to the HoH Crown again after winning this week’s Challenge.

The Challenge to gain Immunity for the week took place in two rounds. The first round was a fishing game; housemates were required to use a Makeshift fishing pole and magnetic hooks to catch as many fish as possible from an imaginary stream of water.

The top two male and female Housemates who acquired the highest number of fish with the most value made it to the next round.

Chichi, Chomzy, Eloswag, and Hermes were the top contenders that battled against Hermes for the HoH Title.

Sheggz retains the Tail of House Title

Before the Games started, Allysyn was relieved of her title as Tail of House as Big Brother was satisfied with how she handled her punishment.

Fellow Tail of House Sheggz retained the title; alongside Dotun, he could not participate in the Challenge, and as punishment, Biggie gave Sheggz an apron to wear, and for the rest of the week, Housemates are required to send Sheggz on an errand, and he is to serve them.

Failure to assign duties to Sheggz will result in punishment for the Level Up Housemates.