BBNaija: The Housemates slept their way through most of the morning and their Wager presentation rehearsal

The calm before the Wager storm – BBNaija
The calm before the Wager storm – BBNaija




The morning in Biggie’s House started with food, good old sleep, yoga, more sleep, and a short rehearsal.

The BBNaija House usually starts with an energetic day of cleaning after the workout session but today, the case was different.

The morning started with the Housemates eating and going to bed while Bryann went hard at work to prepare pancakes for himself before retiring to bed.

After a cool morning Yoga session, the usually enthusiastic Housemates were pretty calm and retired to bed almost immediately.

Could this be a result of the soothing effects of yoga or because they were still trying to gain their balance from the party of the previous day?

We are not sure but the sleep that took up a good part of the morning in Biggie’s House.

While others slept, Chizzy immediately set out to work on the props for the Wager presentation.

His dedication to Wager presentations has definitely been impressive looking at the amount of time he spends on the props needed for the presentation.

Following Biggie’s instructions for Housemates to remain in the Garden, the Housemates finally began their Wager presentation rehearsal.

The Rehearsal was led by Hermes who coached the Housemates on all they would do during the Wager.

Unfortunately, for Hermes and Head of House Chichi, a couple of the Housemates were still deep in their sleep.

All in all, it was a really calm morning. We can’t wait to see if this helps them keep a level head to deliver an amazing Wager presentation.

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