BBNaija: The Antics of the Silent Monk of Phyna (Watch Video)

The Antics of the Silent Monk of Phyna
The Antics of the Silent Monk of Phyna



She maintained the Tail of House title after failing to complete her punishment from last week’s Tail of House reward.

During this week’s Head of House Games, Big Brother told Phyna that because she didn’t adhere to last week’s Tail of House ‘reward’ by blatantly ignoring her fellow Housemates who reminded her that she was not allowed to talk, she would keep the title of Tail of House this week too.

Added to that, Big Brother barred Phyna from taking part in this week’s Head of House Games.

When the HoH games ended on Monday with Chomzy scooping the Head of House title, Big Brother informed Phyna of her reward.

“As Tail of House, when you hear the Tail of House sound from last week, you are not permitted to talk until the sound is played a second time,” said Big Brother.

One of Biggie’s Ninjas gave her a writing board and pen that she would use whenever she heard the sound.

Since then, Phyna has been taking her task as Tail of House seriously. The first time we saw her as the silent monk was on Tuesday morning while talking to Groovy.

Big Brother played a chicken sound and Phyna immediately went silent and started scribbling her thoughts for Groovy to read.

Within 30 minutes, the second sound went off for Phyna to resume talking again then Biggie played another alarm that prompted her to keep quiet.

During lunchtime on Tuesday, while Phyna was in the Garden with her fellow Housemates, she was prompted to silence yet again.

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Big Brother gave some hours of rest from being the silent monk and sounded the alarm again in the afternoon.

Phyna was clearly bothered by her Tail of House Task and maintained a stoic demeanor each time the different sounds signaling that start of her Task came on.

On Wednesday morning Phyna simply smirked before assuming her unsavory title role.

That afternoon while in the middle of a conversation with Groovy, a goat bleated through the intercom and it looked Phyna had gotten the hang of it, as she quickly reached for her writing board.

Despite being halfway through her role as the silent monk, Phyna still maintained a level of insolence that Big Brother addressed during a sponsored Task on Wednesday evening.

After a temper tantrum that Phyna threw due to frustration during a crossword game, Big Brother sternly chastised her, “First, you failed at your Task last week as Tail of House, now this”.

At some point, Phyna was spotted giving Biggie’s cameras a cheeky smirk when the sound came on but rules are rules and she still had to assume her silent monk position.

Phyna seems determined to see her silent monk role to the very end albeit with an attitude.

Will her efforts be good enough for her to relinquish her Tail of House title come next week’s HoH Games?


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