BBNaija: Reasons Why Deji Swapped Houses With Groovy (Watch Video)

Deji Swapped Houses With Groovy
Deji Swapped Houses With Groovy



Recall that Biggie gave Deji a secret mission which culminated in him moving to Level 2.
To add a twist to the already entertaining Big Brother Naija Level Up Season, Biggie introduced two Fake Housemates at the Third Live Show, Deji, and Modella.

Deji enters Level 1 

The Fake Housemate, Deji’s entry into the Level 1 House, was initially met with hesitation as most Housemates were not immediately receptive to him.

Dotun was the only one able to break the ice and eventually form a bromance with him.

However, in a matter of days, Deji became a hot topic in the House as most Level 1 ladies were crushing on him.

It’s no surprise he was chosen by Biggie to execute this Secret Task, which was to complain profusely about his Level 1 Housemates and emphasize that he would like to move to Level 2. In anticipation of his move, he was asked to pack his bag and demand to be moved at this week’s Wager Task Presentation.

A Wager Task with a switch

This week’s Wager Task started on a high, with Level 2 taking home the win again.

After celebrating Level 2, Biggie then dropped a bomb on the Level Up Housemates.

Deji was asked to move to the Level 2 House, and while Groovy welcomed Deji to his Level, he was assigned to his new House, Level 1.

Level 1’s reaction

Once they left the Arena, Chichi coiled up in bed and wept profusely as her lover was leaving her, and Deji’s closest buddy, Dotun, couldn’t hold back the tears too.

The entire House was gloomy as Deji’s presence is loved by many.

Level 2’s reaction

Groovy’s lover, Phyna, was highly distraught on hearing news about the switch. She cried till Biggie called Groovy to the garden.

Although Groovy was shocked he had to move Houses, he seemed to take it well and tried to comfort Phyna.

All Level 2 Housemates consoled both of them, except Amaka, who seemed pleased with the swap.