BBNaija: Reasons Why Adekunle and Chichi Fought last night

Reasons Why Adekunle and Chichi Fought last night
Reasons Why Adekunle and Chichi Fought last night



Following Deji and Groovy’s House switch, things got heated in the Level 1 House. Chichi’s emotions got the best of her as she cried in bed until Deji’s exit.

The Dechi Ship

Chichi’s reaction was somewhat a surprise as even though the pair had been close, they never hinted that they had a connection till Deji owned up to it while waiting to enter his new Home.

Deji revealed to Groovy in the Garden that he and Chichi are becoming a thing.

The romance started brewing on Day 25 as they both decided to get to know each other and were becoming closer.

Adekunle offers a shoulder to cry-on

While Chichi wept, Adekunle attempted to comfort her.

However, she kicked against it and confronted him in front of other Level 1 Housemates.

Chichi claims that while playing games in the Garden, Adekunle said her ship with Deji would not sail. She took offense to his words and called him a pretender.

Although Adekunle denied ever uttering such words. He tried to iron out their issues with a conversation, but Chichi didn’t stop with the name-calling, which triggered a face-off.

Level 1 Housemates had to hold Adekunle back, and Chichi was sure to let him know that he had no ship in the House because he “hates love and that is why love cannot find him.”


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Do you think Chichi might be overreacting, or is Adekunle wrong?