BBNaija: Phyna and Chichi seem to have made up, after Phyna accused Chichi of having feelings for Groovy

Phyna and Chichi seem to have made up
Phyna and Chichi seem to have made up



The drama that was brought about by the gossip that Bella, Rachel, and Phyna were engaged in about Chichi resulted in a confrontation between Chichi and Phyna.

The two ladies who have been friends throughout the season engaged in a civil confrontation even though the concerns that they raised about each other were cringe-worthy, especially after Phyna accused Chichi of wanting Groovy.

While they seemed to have worked things out, Chichi might still be holding on to a grudge.

During a bonding session with Daniella where the latter said, “I thought this was going to be a week of love and joy.”

Chichi responded by revealing that there are mean Housemates in the House.

Could she still be hung up on the gossip from yesterday?

Chichi told Daniella that she couldn’t believe that Phyna thought she liked Groovy.

She added that she is into dark men and that she wouldn’t betray Deji.

While Chichi told Daniella that she found the accusation funny, she also said it was disrespectful of Phyna to say that.

Chichi sings a different tune

Some minutes after her conversation with Daniella in the Lounge, Chichi was seen outside in the Garden with Phyna.

The pair were friendly to one another and chatted about how it felt to be in the Finale week.

Chichi revealed her desire to win the grand prize to Phyna.

She said she never thought she would make it this far but now that she is in the Finale week, the urge to win keeps growing strong.