BBNaija: Phyna and Amaka friendship status so far {Video}

Phyna and Amaka friendship
Phyna and Amaka friendship



A few days after admitting her affection for Groovy to Phyna, Phyna and Groovy spend nights together in the same bed.
Amaka and Phyna’s sismance has been the most favourite to watch in the House.
The two had a slight fallout at the beginning of the season, but they did not allow the screaming match to dictate the trajectory of their relationship.
They soon worked it out and have been inseparable ever since.

Their blossoming friendship has been one of a kind, and they lean on each other more often than not.

When Amaka was contemplating shooting her shot with Giddyfia, Amaka advised her to choose and not lead Pharsamvi on.

This led to a heart-to-heart between Amaka and Pharmsavi, where she eventually decided that they are better as friends.

On Day 20, Amaka admitted his feelings for Groovy to Phyna during one of their chats.

Later that day, Groovy and Phyna spent a lot of time together, and this raised red flags for Amaka.

She addressed it with Groovy later in the Kitchen. He laid down his boundaries, stating that he can initiate a relationship with whomever he pleases.

When Phyna and Groovy later spoke about that particular conversation, Phyna told Groovy that she is not interested in a relationship, and would never throw herself at a man.

Groovy and Amaka spent the night in the same bed again, and this upset Amaka.

Phyna told Groovy that Amaka is trying to pretend that their closeness is not getting to her.

Amaka eventually denied that she has any feelings for Groovy to Kess. She also added that she only cares that her friendship with Phyna is maintained.

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On Day 21, she woke up and danced by herself, and was later joined by Phyna.

Shortly after their dance, Phyna went to the Lounge mirror and started affirming herself. “You are the embodiment of a queen,” she said.

She told Chizzy that she can’t allow “other things” to move her because she has her eyes on the prize. Could she be talking about Phyna and Groovy?

Amaka got into an argument with Phyna in the morning in the Kitchen over who should be cleaning.

This argument upset Phyna, and Groovy came in for a tight squeeze, asking what he should do for her when she is upset.

Phyna and Amaka have not engaged in an argument in a very long time, and one surfacing now leaves one with lots of questions.

Could Groovy be coming in between a friendship? Is Phyna breaking a girl code by telling Groovy about her conversations with Amaka?