BBNaija old-school Saturday Night Party for the Housemates (Video)

BBNaija old school Saturday Night Party for the Housemates
BBNaija old school Saturday Night Party for the Housemates



Biggie threw it back last night for the Housemates, and they rocked their looks and moves.

Every week, Housemates not only have a Saturday Night Party, but every Party has a dedicated theme. Last week, the Housemates had a glow-in-the-dark fest and went to the beach the week before.

Themed parties always bring different vibes to the Housemates, and they never disappoint by setting the dance floor on fire.

Last night was not any different. They received outfits as always and were excited to see wigs.

We all had questions about what was on the table tonight, and it seemed like Biggie was throwing it back when afros were worn, and curled wigs made an appearance.

It felt like a moment in a travel machine, Housemates with different old-school looks, even looking older than they are.

During pre-photoshoot time, Adekunle walked in like a grandad and even sat like one during his session.

Chomzy called him a grandfather, but clearly, he understood tonight’s theme. He also looked like he was the life of the Party as he jammed to back-to-back music.

Hipster pants were the order of the night for the guys, and pearls were for the ladies.

Dotun looked dapper in a blak and white fit, and a beret to finish off his look.

Sheggz and Groovy also had berets on, with a matching afro with his girl Phyna.

Before the Party, Chichi noted that she did not feel like partying, but it is mandatory and she attended.

She had a black dress on with an afro and looked like she did not want to Party.

Earlier, she had an emotional Task Presentation as she relayed details of her sad upbringing to her fellow Housemates.

She spent a large part of the Party next to Doyin.

Eloswag and Chomzy had matching afros, and Bryann looked like he just stepped out of a Great Gatsby scene.

His Manhattan Fedora Hat and suspenders worked well for him.

Bella changed outfits after trying on the dress she received but looked dissatisfied.

Bella and Chomzy brought the bestie vibes to the dance floor as they danced and sang along together. “Omo, you don make me fall in love,” were their favourite jam as they sang along to D’Banj’s song.