BBNaija: Now that Dotun, Khalid are out of Level Up House, Adekunle makes his official move with Daniella (Video)

Adekunle in for Daniella
Adekunle in for Daniella





Last night’s Live Eviction Show came with unexpected turns and truths. Not only were Dotun and Allysyn Evicted, but the three House Guests; Doyin, Eloswag, and Chomzy were sent packing too.

Dotun’s Eviction left Daniella with some sadness, and the two were seen embracing for a long time before Dotun headed out.

It is the second time Daniella says goodbye to a guy she was close to in the House.

She lost Khalid to the Eviction chop a couple of weeks ago.

After the Eviction of five Housemates, Ebuka crossed back to the House to shake some tables.

The most notable question was to Adekunle. “I notice some subtle lyrics being dropped by you on Daniella. What’s going on there?”

Ebuka asked. Adekunle told Ebuka that he and Daniella are getting close and he is maintaining his space because she was in a complicated situation with Dotun.

Dotun was also put under the spotlight during the Live Show stage where he admitted to having feelings for Daniella.

In recent weeks, the two have grown close, shared the HoH Bedroom for a week, and even kissed.

Daniella’s fear of getting shamed for moving from Khalid to Dotun however, has kept her from making things official with Dotun.

She admitted to having feelings for him as well, but has never defined their ship.

Now, Dotun is out of the House which means that Daniella is no longer in a situationship with him.

Adekunle is ready to shoot his shot and told Rachel what his plan of action will be.

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Adekunle plans to win the Head of House Games and ask Daniella to be his HoH Bedroom companion, to speed things along.

Will Daniella agree to his invitation? The time they spend in the Bedroom will obviously be the perfect opportunity for them to have one-on-one time to talk and get to know each other.

Rachel, however, was not happy with Adekunle’s stance nor his intentions.

Rachel was feeling disrespected by Adekunle, who had expressed an interest in getting to know her first.

Now, it is incomprehensible to her why he would choose Daniella as the Deputy Head of the House.

Sensing some vibes, Adekunle asked Rachel if she liked him, and when she said “no”, he said, “case closed.”

Adekunle calls Rachel his closest friend in the House and thus feels he should be able to converse with her about Daniella.

Watch Rachel question Adekunle’s intentions with Daniella: 

Is it possible that Rachel wants more than a friendship from Adekunle?

Will the Rider be intentional and ensure that Adekunle and Daniella’s potential ship never sails?