BBNaija: “My friendship is not by force” Doyin f!res Bryann (Watch Video)

My friendship is not by force Doyin says to Bryann
My friendship is not by force Doyin says to Bryann



Doyin can’t seem to make any sense of Bryann’s behaviour and it’s troubling her.

Doyin confronted Bryann last night after the Task to get an explanation for his peculiar behaviour throughout the Task.

Doyin claimed that Bryann was acting strange because she put him on her Team and that he would have behaved differently if he had been on the Team of a different Housemate.

Bryann concurred and attributed his actions to his irrational belief that Doyin had caused his Team to fail in the Quidax Task.

Bryann was informed by Doyin immediately following the Minimie Task that he was under no obligation to accept her friendship because it was making Bryann act strangely.

Doyin also expressed her displeasure at the fact that she could only be cool with Bryann when he gave her the okay.

Doyin’s response was sparked by Bryann’s attitude after they finished their Task.

Though he had been included on Doyin’s team, she thought his performance was wholly ineffective.

Bryann grudgingly admitted that Doyin was right and that his attitude was that way because he subconsciously blamed her for a Task defeat that had happened in the past.

Doyin was seen talking with Chizzy about the incident with Bryann after her back-and-forth with the latter.

According to Chizzy, Bryann’s attitude may not have been motivated by the Task but rather by his admiration for Doyin.

Using an example of himself, Chizzy revealed that while he was a student, one of his go-to strategies for showing his affection for a woman was to ignore her as if there were a problem and would only finally express his feelings after he and the woman had attempted to make amends.

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Doyin confronts Bryann

Could that be the situation? Although we are unsure, Chizzy was right when he indicated that Bryann’s real motive might come out in due course.