BBNaija Live Show: Big Brother (Biggie) introduced Two new Fake Housemates

Big Brother Biggie introduced Two new Fake Housemates
Big Brother Biggie introduced Two new Fake Housemates



Then there were 26, no! Big Brother threw a wrench in the wheels tonight by featuring two fake housemates; Drop off at Level 1 and Modella at Level 2 to shake things up at the Level Up House.

Though the Housemates were relieved that no one was sent packing, the new additions certainly shook things up, especially after the hectic week they already had. Ebuka looking sleek in his burgundy agbada, welcomed the energy-fuelled duo on the Big Brother Naija Live Show stage.

Deji was introduced first and he promised to be as real as it gets as well as spontaneous and of course, put his faith in his hot body to keep the game sizzling. Deji’s blood-red outfit spoke volumes as it showed off his torso, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

1. Meet Deji


Meanwhile, the tension in both Levels was so thick as the Housemates awaited their fate (everyone thought Evictions were happening tonight) and when the buzzer rang, there was complete silence and anticipation of what awaited them. At first nothing happened, which made them even more paranoid.

Meanwhile, Modella who describes herself as the content queen the House needs, came full of energy in a pure white bedazzled gown and that’s exactly what she promises Biggie fans. Africa will have to wait and see.

When Modella made her entrance into Level 2, the Housemates paused for a moment as if they were seeing a ghost. It was only when she spelled it out to them that she’s the new Housemate that she finally got a reaction.


Married man Kess was first to stand, hug and welcome her but there was a real sense of confusion among the Housemates.

2. Meet Modella


Before closing off the Show, Ebuka reminded the Housemates in both Levels that showcasing themselves is important, but entertaining the fans is what’s more important.

“Relax, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” he warned.

In Level 1, Dotun and Hermes wasted no time filling Deji in on what’s what and who’s who, and with who in the House. Sheggz stared at Hermes as he sang like a canary but Deji played along, acting totally aloof to what the game is about.