BBNaija: Is there a prankster amongst Level 1 Housemates?

Is there a prankster amongst Level 1 Housemates
Is there a prankster amongst Level 1 Housemates



Something fishy is going on – and we can’t put our finger on it.

In past Big Brother Naija Seasons, the much-loved Ninjas have played tricks on the Housemates, but it seems the Level Up Housemates have taken matters into their own hands.

On Day 23, Level 1 Housemates were running out of food due to their loss at last week’s Wager Task Presentation. However, they didn’t know that the current Head of House, Eloswag, and his predecessor, Adekunle decided to play a stunt on them.

They agreed to hide some food. The food shortage caused a war of words between HoH, Eloswag, and Chichi. The argument led Eloswag to say if he retains his title as Head of House, he won’t hesitate to Nominate her for possible Eviction, with quickness.

Eloswag and Chichi go toe-to-toe


Food is not the only thing vanishing

A pen and paper disappeared into thin air yesterday, with none of the Housemates knowing its whereabouts, leading even Biggie to question them about the mystery.

All they could offer was an apology. To top it off, Level 1 Housemates found a condom in their bathroom this morning during shower time.

The Housemates were shocked to see it, and it caused quite the stir, as they all put on their respective detective hats and speculated on what kind of mischief had happened in there and most importantly, who the culprit was (or were).

In a conversation in the garden, Doyin pinned her suspicions on Eloswag, who she suspects may be pulling a fast one on his fellow Housemates. There is no proof of this, but one thing is clear: something tricky is going on.

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Which Level 1 Housemate do you think has a few tricks up their sleeves?