BBNaija: Ilebaye and Chichi fight over Groovy (Video)

Ilebaye and Chichi fight over Groovy
Ilebaye and Chichi fight over Groovy



An interrupted dance turned into an interaction of words between Ilebaye and Chichi.
The Saturday Night Party started on a rough note for Chichi and Ilebaye. Ilebaye was caught crying on Chomzy’s shoulder after getting into an altercation with Chichi in the Garden.

Chichi did not appreciate Ilebaye’s approach when she wanted Groovy to dance with Phyna instead of Chichi.

The two were caught dancing together, and according to Chichi, Ilebaye intercepted their dance, and aggressively pushed her away and she did not appreciate that.

They left the Party Room to talk about the issue in the Garden with Groovy.

After apologizing, Chichi did not accept the apology, instead calling Ilebaye a low-life.

She did not take kindly to that and walked away crying.

Chomzy came in to save the day and offered her comfort as she continued shedding tears.

She opened up to Chomzy about how she is not ready to leave the House, referring to her Nomination.

Her goal is to at least get to the top five and does not understand why Chichi did not accept her apology, and why she called her a low-life.

Ilebaye getting comfort from Chomzy was peculiar, considering that she was gisting about her earlier to both Phyna and Amaka respectively.

She was telling both of them that she does not understand why Chomzy does not like her, and how she gives her a bad eye whenever they meet up.

Ilebaye was spotted dancing with Dotun who eventually also came to the Garden, offering solace to Ilebaye.

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“Between me and her, who is the low-life,” Ilebaye asked Dotun. “I am not a stripper,” she continued to add to Dotun.

Is she insinuating that being a stripper makes Chomzy a low-life?

Chomzy left Ilebaye in Dotun’s hands and went to offer comfort to Chichi who kept going on about the altercation.

She retold the story to Chomzy and called Ilebaye fake.

“If you want to bring the fire, I will bring a storm,” she said.

Will the ladies have an opportunity to iron out their issues and forgive each other?

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