BBNaija: How the Level Up Housemates did their Kitchen task {Video}

What the Level Up Housemates did today in the Kitchen
What the Level Up Housemates did today in the Kitchen



To cook food no dey easy o! Just ask the BBNaija Level Up Housemates who had to show off their skill in a Task that took place in the House this evening. The first part of their Task involved a little presentation that went well for everyone.

Then came the second phase of the Task that got us at the edge of our seats.

This phase involved the Housemates taking part in a relay cooking competition. Imagine the drama this caused amongst the Level 2 Housemates.

The second part of the Task involved a member of the different Teams starting the relay in the kitchen.

Best buds Amaka and Phyna both started the relay for their respective Teams.

Ilebaye and Khalid took over as the second Housemates in the relay cooking Task.

Phyna and Amaka went back for the next round of the relay. It was like they were the MVP of their various Teams.

There was a bit of panic when Bryann took over from Phyna for the next round but he managed to eventually balance himself.

In all these the Housemates started raising their voices slightly to pass instructions to their comrades in the kitchen.

The relay continued with Kess, Ilebaye, Khalid, and others taking turns.

They were doing all these in a bid to make a 3-course meal of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The presentation was another interesting moment.

Team Arla butter came with a 3-course meal that had a drink that even the Teammates could not pronounce.

Pineapple Colada, Pina Colado? Nobody even know again.

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Amaka, Chizzy, and Groovy somehow managed to wrap up the presentation before giving way to the next Team, the other Teams that followed included Team Lurpak Butter, who had a smooth presentation led by Hermes.

Tim Whip and Cook came and we had another dose of comedy when Phyna started chanting while Bryann was doing his presentation.

He seemed distracted and eventually called on Phyna to continue. The presentation wrapped up with Team Cheese giving a suave presentation led by Adekunle.

After the Task, the Level 2 Housemates went hard on themselves saying they didn’t do well because they weren’t properly coordinated.

In a late-night discussion, Daniella, Modella, and Kess agreed that the Level 2 Housemates are not coordinated at Tasks. They claimed the vibe in the House was off and prayed it won’t get worse.


Will this reality check help the Level 2 Housemates in the future?