BBNaija: Housemates win their green earth Wager Challenge (Week 8)

Housemates win their green earth Wager Challenge
Housemates win their green earth Wager Challenge




This week’s Level Up theme has been the green earth which speaks to how society can aid in preserving nature, so we look at the role Biggie and Housemates play.

One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure, they say. We saw this proverb come to life as Housemates spent a week putting together items using trash that Biggie provided.

They impressively created a house, a robot, and even a chair from the trash that could have been waste material that could be potentially harmful to society.

Besides allocating Tasks to Housemates that encourage them and the viewers to be more aware of recycling and reusing, how else does Biggie play a part in preserving the green earth?

“Housemates, hot water is now available.”

Once in the morning and again in the evening, Big Brother announces the availability of hot water for the Housemate’s consumption. This means they can’t use hot water all willy-nilly, which is pivotal in fighting global warming.

Heating water requires energy generation, leading to the emission of greenhouse gases. Therefore, the Housemates are actively reducing greenhouse gas and tackling climate change. Thank you, Biggie!

Sustainable fashion

Did you know that it can take up to 200 years for non-biodegradable fibers to decompose? Big Brother knows this and thus loans Housemates outfits instead of giving them for keeps.

We have seen themed parties in the House and Housemates receiving clothes they put on and pack back after usage.

Not throwing out clothes, using second-hand items, or renting clothing all form part of sustainable fashion.

Loaning them clothes ensures that the items get used in an environmentally friendly way.

Also, what’s more environmentally friendly than wearing a black plastic bag? This is Rachel’s reward as Tail of the House, and she looks good in it too.

Chowing less meat

For weeks, former Level 1 Housemates lost the Wager Challenge and lived on the bare minimum. They, therefore, could not buy luxuries such as meat. They could easily view this as a punishment, but in the view of eco-friendliness, they were sustainability champions.

Greenhouse gas gets emitted from the process of producing meat. Therefore, less meat equals less global warming.

No tumble dryer

Previous Big Brother Naija Housemates used their hands to wash their clothes, but in Season 6, Big Brother introduced a washing machine.

However, we have seen Level Up Housemates going to the Garden to hang their washing, and this seemingly small act plays a role in reducing pollution and climate change.

Using a machine to dry clothes emits carbon dioxide and microfibres which are harmful to our green earth.

See? Sometimes it’s the little acts that can have the most impact.