BBNaija: Housemates showed a general lack of positivity during their Eviction Diary Sessions on surviving tonight’s Evictions (Video)

Nominated Housemates rate their chances of survival
Nominated Housemates rate their chances of survival




Adekunle, Allysyn, Bella, Dotun, Hermes, and Sheggz are up for possible Eviction today. Being on the chopping block the Nominated Housemates revealed to Big Brother what they thought their chances of survival were.

A safe assumption

Adekunle, Dotun, Hermes, and Sheggz all told Biggie that they had a 50 percent chance of surviving today’s Evictions.

“I don’t like to presume Biggie but I would like to think that I have created enough of an impact out there,” said Hermes when Big Brother asked him to rate his chances of surviving tonight.

Adekunle seemed to be at peace as he told Biggie that he would be ok with either leaving or staying.

Dotun who hasn’t fully warmed up to the idea of possibly being Evicted tonight, told Big Brother that he is looking forward to the next time he hears his name called out on the intercom tomorrow, especially when he wins Head of House.

Sheggz who tried to be positive gave an overview of how he felt about both scenarios but added that it was difficult to tell what the outcome would be at this stage of the Game.

A lack hope

Bella mentioned that has been up four times in a row but that today she was not feeling as positive as she was during her other Nominations.

She explained that she has welcomed the possibility of going because of the feeling she had this week which was not as carefree as the other weeks when she was Nominated.

Allysyn on the other hand maintained a straight face when she told Biggie that she is going home today.

She said that while she would like to stay in the Game, the other Nominated Housemates that she is up against are stronger than she is and that she has no hope of surviving Evictions tonight.

No sentiments

The Rider, Rachel who is not up for possible Eviction this week told Biggie that she will not miss any on the Nominated Housemates if they were to be Evicted tonight.

As cold as it sounded, Rachel explained that she is not attached to any of the Nominated  Housemates.

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