BBNaija: Housemates revealed that their nominations were based on strategy, during their diary session

Housemates revealed that their nominations were based on strategy during their diary session
Housemates revealed that their nominations were based on strategy during their diary session



Following the Nomination Sessions yesterday that saw, Adekunle, Allysyn, Bella, Dotun, Hermes, and Sheggz being put up for possible Eviction this Sunday, Big Brother probed the Housemates on their Nomination decisions and reasons during their Diary Sessions.

While most of the Housemates tried to hang on to their sense of modesty by telling Biggie that they were Nominated randomly, they also let their true intentions slip.

Respect trumps all

While this may be a game of numbers and carefully mapped out strategies, grace has time and again proved to take Housemates very far in the Game.

This could be the reason why Groovy has managed to stay out of the Nominations list since the merge.

One could argue that during the times that he was Nominated while in Level 2, it could have been because those in Level 1 didn’t know him well.

The opposite could be said about Bella who is currently up for possible Eviction.

Adekunle, Allysyn, and Hermes told Biggie that they Nominated her because she constantly provoked her fellow Housemates and lacked respect.

Adekunle even went as far as saying that both Bella and Sheggz disturbed the peace in the House.

A switch in alliances

Perhaps the most surprising Nomination was Allysyn putting Adekunle up for possible Eviction.

When the season began, Allysyn forged a friendship with Adekunle that saw the latter lobbying for more than friendship.

Allysyn made it clear that she was not interested in him that way and recently became closer to Hermes instead.

Be it as it may, one wouldn’t have expected that Allysyn would put Adekunle on the chopping block but, perhaps she was thinking of his strengths as a competitor for the grand prize rather than her former affinity for him.

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Adekunle puts the moves on Allysyn

Another turn in alliances was that of Sheggz and Chichi. The pair didn’t outrightly display their friendship in the House often but Sheggz always showed that he had a soft spot for Chichi.

This brotherly attention was intensified by Chichi’s ship with Deji who quickly became a close friend to Sheggz.

During today’s Diary Session, Sheggz told Big Brother that he put Chichi up for possible Eviction during yesterday’s Nomination Session.

Sheggz said that his reason behind the decision was that when he got himself involved in an altercation concerning Bella and Rachel, Chichi didn’t take his side.

A visibly irate Sheggz said, “it seems like she was clout chasing.

” Sheggz also added, “I looked out for her a couple of times and I deserved a lot from Chichi.”

With the alliances that have formed in the House, are they enough to guarantee Housemates a spot in the finale?