BBNaija: Housemates exhibit strong characters through their life experiences as they shared personal details about themselves

A long walk to the Big Brother House
A long walk to the Big Brother House




As we enter the penultimate week of this season of Big Brother, the Level Up Housemates shared reflections during a Task on their individual experiences that led them to the point they are in their lives.

Self actualization

One factor that was apparent was how the Housemates go to know themselves through their journies.

Bryann mentioned that he never knew he had an identity because he was scared to express himself but found himself through music.

Dotun on the other hand said that he found himself through discipline.

Despite facing the dilemma of trying to figure out what he wanted in life, constantly reminding himself to be present in every moment, be it at the gym or school, he achieved actualisation.


Like many people, the Level Up Housemates also faced self-esteem issues. During the Task, Allysyn mentioned that she kept staring at herself in the mirror and to come to terms with her skin tone.

Allysyn added that she would search for herself in people in others and eventually cut her hair in her journey to becoming her.

Rachel on the other hand mentioned she believed she had no place in any crowd that she found herself in.

This season’s rider said that she overcame this by believing in herself and looking within for strength.

Head of House, Phyna admitted to being a feminist and being bullied by men which was the confidence she used to audition for the show.

Phyna also revealed that she is a bit of a recluse and finds joy in her family and close friends.


The top 11 have proven that they have what it takes to be on the show given the stress of being in the House that has often led to confrontations.

Daniella who found herself getting close with Khalid at the beginning of the season, became close with Dotun when the merge occurred but the pair had a spat last night as Daniella was heard telling Dotun that he can’t keep treating her badly.

Daniella and Dotun didn’t allow their disagreement to fester as they were seen this morning talking things through.

Allysyn who was associated with Adekunle earlier in the season Nominated him this week for possible Eviction, claiming that she was getting bad vibes from him.

The pair seem to have resolved their issues since they were spotted in the salon today where Adekunle was grooming Allysyn’s head.