BBNaija: Garden experiences with Doyin & Dotun, Eloswag & Chomzy, Hermes & Allysyn (Video)

Garden experiences with Doyin Dotun Eloswag Chomzy Hermes Allysyn
Garden experiences with Doyin Dotun Eloswag Chomzy Hermes Allysyn



The garden seems to be the hot spot for ships right now and we are loving it.

This afternoon, the Level 1 Housemates had a little time to chill in the garden, and in that little time, a whole lot happened between a couple of ships (relationships and friendships) that we have decided to put a spotlight on.

Hermes and Allysyn

Hermes once again decided to let Allysyn know he was ready to have a ship with her. In a series of bants, he asked her why she thinks things can’t work out between them.

She didn’t give a direct answer so he continued saying the only reason he was open to her was because of the space they were in and that no one will ever see him that way again, He was basically saying the House had influenced his attitude.

Allysyn responded to all these saying be it the next week or month, nothing will change in her countenance.

Eloswag and Chomzy

While Hermes was hitting his head against a brick wall with Allysyn, Eloswag was making sweet progress with wooing his crush Chomzy and was all hugs and kisses with her as they had mindless banter about his local language.

While speaking with her, he leaned in for a few pecks and Chomzy willingly let him have his way.

It seems this ship may be sailing anytime soon.

The Doyin and Dotun issue

Dotun and Doyin also had a conversation about their status as friends and it was such a lovely site. Dotun had accused Doyin of not checking up on him after he lost a Task. Doyin however responded that he was angry and therefore stayed away. She says she was also angry and he didn’t check on her.

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Dotun eventually apologized and the two hugged things out.

We can’t wait to see what more experiences the Garden will offer us.