BBNaija: “From apology Chichi turn am to gossip” – Reaction as Chichi made up with Diana (Watch Video)

Chichi made up with Diana
Chichi made up with Diana



Chichi had a moment of reflection with Diana but it soon turned into a session of hot gist.

Chichi and Diana made up today while having a heart-to-heart conversation in the Kitchen area. In a move that was unexpected, the two spoke in the kitchen about the events that happened between them after the Level merger.

The genesis of the problem

Deji had played the part of a gentleman by offering Diana space in his locker but this didn’t sit well with Chichi who was angry because she heard Allysyn, Diana, and Doyin mention Deji’s name.

After complaining to Phyna and all who could hear her, she pounced on Diana immediately she came face to face with her.

She was held back by Phyna who pleaded with her to calm down. She eventually went to the locker and scattered Diana’s clothes.

While speaking, Diana requested that Chichi explain the reason for her actions. This led to a long conversation between the two.

Chichi spoke about the conversation between Allysyn, Diana, and Doyin but admitted she only heard Deji’s name without any context.

The conversation was apparently the keg of gunpowder that made Chichi flare up when Diana was offered a locker space by Deji

This got quite a lot of reaction on social media as a lot of people questioned why Chichi would become angry when she did not even hear what was being discussed.

Diana explained the discussion with herself and Allysyn was actually about Hermes and she only mentioned Deji’s name when she wanted to clarify that he was with Chichi.

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Diana eventually advised Chichi to always come to her for clarification on issues as opposed to bottling her emotions up.

In a bid to explain her actions, Chichi swung the whole conversation to the Chomzy, Phyna, and Groovy triangle and all the drama that came with it.

You the viewers did not let this slide as you pointed out how quickly the apology turned into a tea sipping session.

Chichi apologises to Diana

I am really really sorry – Chichi apologizes to Diana for her outburst the other day


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Will Chichi and Chomzy maintain a level of mutual respect for one another, or is another brawl looming in the future? Let’s wait and see.