BBNaija: Following Phyna’s argument with Rider Rachel, Chichi laments to Phyna about Bella and Rachel’s feud with her (Video)

Phynas argument with Rider Rachel
Phyna.s argument with Rider Rachel


Chichi has been caught in a web of arguments since day 66, after reconciling with Phyna, Rachel and Bella have had issues with Chichi for speaking in hush tones and not airing her grievances.

The feud started after Phyna and Rachel lashed at each other.

As the Season finale approaches, Rachel’s emotions are running high and it is clear the topic was a trigger for her. An emotional Rachel was upset at Phyna for bringing up memories of time spent in lockdown.

She yelled for Phyna to stop the discussion. However, a confused Phyna could not decipher why until Bryann and Adekunle brought up Fake former Housemate Modella and noted that might have the reason for Rachel’s outburst.

Do you think they suspect Rachel is a Rider?

Bella stood by Rachel’s side throughout the argument but was provoked by Chichi’s mumbling in the background.

In a conversation with Riders Chizzy and Rachel, Bella praised Phyna for saying things as they are and revealed that Chichi is fond of talking behind people’s backs.

A stirred Chichi lamented to Phyna in the Garden over Rachel and Bella’s distaste towards her; She expressed that she could not understand why the Housemates were against her.

Will the ladies work it out, most importantly, who do you think is in the wrong, Bella and Rachel or Chichi?

Watch Phyna and Rachel argue: