BBNaija: Ebuka’s questions scattered tables and relocations in the house

Ebukas questions Scattered tables and relocations in the house
Ebukas questions Scattered tables and relocations in the house



Sundays are difficult days in Biggie’s House. Not only does the House lose at least one Housemate, but Ebuka also chooses vawulence during House crossings. His questions to Housemates are a reminder to them that Biggie is truly always watching. If he is not asking questions about gist, he is asking for shipping clarity.

Last night was no exception, and Ebuka asked Hermes about a statement he once made. Hermes had stated that he would not engage with Giddyfia, Rachel, and Bryann outside the House.

Ebuka asked for clarity here, and Hermes tried to respond but Ebuka did not get clarity. He told Ebuka that he does not have any beef with Rachel, and sorted out his issue with Bryann. In Giddyfia’s case, he broke a loyalty pact they had and there is no coming back from that.

Watch Hermes and Bryann ironing out an issue: 

Hermes’ conversation with Ebuka was nothing compared to the one Bella received. Ebuka asked her if her constant need to apologise to Sheggz and the name calling is her love language. “I hear you being called a fool, you’re sick, you’re st*pid,” Ebuka mentioned. “It’s not a love language, but I really like him,” Bella responded.

This led the Shella ship to an intense declaration of love in the Garden. Sheggz told Bella that he was not planning to fall in love, but knew that Bella was the one he wanted to marry. However, Ebuka’s question, for Sheggz, will see him making a decision he knows Bella would not be happy with.

Bella assumed that Sheggz wanted to break up, but the conversation did not go there.

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This wouldn’t be the first rodeo for the Shella ship, breaking up after last week’s Saturday Night Party. Do you think they will decide to call it quits?

Watch Shella break up: 

After moving into the new Level 3 and being present when Bella, Sheggz, and Rachel received Strikes and a Warning, the new Level 3 House Guests had a lot to say.

They shared their sentiments about the food fight, and Doyin added that Bella and Sheggz can be rude to people and should expect that people would reciprocate their energy. Eloswag could not comprehend Sheggz’s narrative that people in the House hate him.

Rachel, Bella, and Sheggz’s argument

On the lighter side of things, Rachel, Chichi, and Phyna celebrated not being Evicted with a few drinks and loud noise in the Garden. When Phyna told them she had to quiet down because her babe had a headache, Chichi and Rachel started a kind of parody of issuing Phyna with a Strike for provocation; a Punishment that Bella received earlier. Were they throwing jabs at Bella.?

Will the Game be affected by Eloswag, Chomzy, and Doyin not being in the main House, but still in the game?