BBNaija Day 12: Bella and Sheggz Relationship status so far {Video}

Bella and Sheggz Relationship
Bella and Sheggz Relationship


As most Housemates were winding down and getting ready for bed, Bella and Sheggz had yet another intimate conversation in the Garden that revealed a lot.

Sheggz felt like Bella had a man outside of the House, which was why she wasn’t putting much effort into their relationship.

She pulled a fast one on Sheggz by saying she has been in a committed relationship for three years.

Because of her interaction with him in the House, her mystery man would end their relationship once the Level Up Season is over.

The pair went on to discuss Bella’s commitment issues and their first kiss.

Bella bragged about how great it would be; in her words, Sheggz would ‘not be able to stop talking about it’ when it happens.

Although Bella claimed she was pulling his legs when she said she had a man, Sheggz was stuck on his opinion, but he wanted to end the night on a good note, so he agreed to move on from that conversation.

Most of their disagreements happen in the Garden; would it be ironic if their first kiss happened here too?