BBNaija Day 11: Pharmsavi and Christy O situationship status

Pharmsavi and Christy O situationship status
Pharmsavi and Christy O situationship status



Level 2 Housemates Christy O and Pharmsavi are growing closer. The two have had a liking towards each other since they came into the House. When they entered the House, Christy O and Pharmsavi were seen sitting next to each other, with Christy O even complimenting him about his smile.

On the day she got Nominated, she received a back rub from Pharmsavi. She expressed how difficult it is to vocalize how she feels about her possible Eviction to Amaka. Pharmsavi was there to help her with a massage when she needed one.

On Day 10, Pharmsavi fell asleep in Christy O’s bed and the two had a chance to talk about it on Day 11.

According to Pharmsavi, Christy O was avoiding him on Day 11, but she doesn’t agree, stating that she went to shower after exercise, put on her makeup, and went to bed. Pharmsavi fears that their time last night might have affected their relationship.

Christy O told Pharmsavi that if she did not want him in her bed, she would have asked him to leave.

She did, however, have to wake him up during the night. When asked why she said it was because he was making weird sounds.

The two laughed, leading Christy O to tell him “you make me laugh”.

Pharmsavi was glad to hear this because he says he is doing his job, which is to make people happy.

When they are together, these two are always laughing and have a good time talking about their likes and dislikes.

Today, Christy O noticed that he was very jubilant after their impromptu sports Task where they played soccer. Pharmsavi told her that soccer makes him happy.

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Could there be more that makes him happy? Perhaps a girl whose name starts with the letter ‘C’?