BBNaija: Confusion between Chomzy and Eloswag (Watch Video)

Confusion between Chomzy and Eloswag
Confusion between Chomzy and Eloswag


Eloswag was placed in the friend zone, but Chomzy is treating him like her man…
The most confusing ship in the Level Up House is between Chomzy and Eloswag.
The two Housemates have struggled to define their relationship, with Chomzy opting for a friendship.
The last heart-to-heart conversation they had led to a fight that saw Chomzy walking away after threatening to never speak to Eloswag again.

This was after the Saturday Night Party last week. On Sunday morning, Chomzy sparked a conversation with Eloswag like she was not the same person that never wanted to speak to him again.

At the most recent Thursday night Pool Party, the two kissed passionately and danced like couple goals.

They also share meals occasionally and share a bed as well.

Eloswag never complains about the mixed signals he gets from Chomzy: pushing him away one day and bringing him closer the next.

On Day 38, Chomzy spoke to her fellow Housemates and told them that her biggest flaw is how she pushes people away.

This has been evident in light of her relationship with Eloswag.

When Groovy moved to Level 1 of the House, she told him that Eloswag is like a brother to her.

Shortly after that, she chose him to be his HoH bedroom companion and they shared a bed for a week.

Yesterday, Chomzy was sitting on Eloswag’s lap and this is not a new occurrence.

She occasionally sits on him while they are lounging on the couch and where he is in the Garden.

Since the gossip issue that left her looking like the instigator, Chomzy has been intentional about not sitting with the Level Up ladies.

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On Day 38, she chilled with the Level Up gents in the Garden as they congregated for the so-called gentleman’s club.

Chomzy managed to convince them that she deserved a spot in the club because she was the only female HoH.

She has been intentional about who she engages with in the House, Rachel and Chichi being the only two women she gravitates to.

She is comfortable engaging with most of the guys, but Eloswag remains her favourite male Housemate.

Is she merely pushing him away but wants to be in a ship with him? Is she playing with his feelings?

Watch Chomzy threaten Eloswag: