BBNaija: Chizzy finally develops a crush (Video)

Chizzy develops a crush
Chizzy develops a crush



After spending several weeks in the Level Up House without a ship, Chizzy admits to liking Doyin.
Rider Chizzy has had Doyin on his radar for a while now, and the pair constantly fl!rt and spend time together.
According to Groovy, Chizzy was miserable when Doyin was Evicted. He said he was happy that Chizzy had another opportunity to see her again, because he missed her a lot.

Apart from when he was creating art for this week’s Task Presentation, Chizzy seemed keen on spending most of his time with Doyin. The pair enjoyed each other’s company in the garden and discussed Doyin’s feud with Bryann.

Doyin revealed that although she likes Bryann as a person, she hates that he is talking to other people about her. Chizzy told Doyin that he likes her, by sharing that he mentioned it to Biggie in his Diary Session yesterday. He further stated that he adores her “smart brains” and “beauty”. Doyin was in disbelief, but couldn’t stop smiling.

Doyin, Chizzy, and Rachel discuss ships

This Level-up Season has seen different ships and triangles, and Doyin, Chizzy, and Rachel think it results from loneliness. Rachel emphasized that she believes the Housemates are in relationships with people they don’t like. Doyin agreed with Rachel’s view and stated that ships could only work outside Biggie’s house.

Watch Chizzy and Doyin talk about relationships:

How do you think Chizzzy will react when Doyin’s time as Biggie’s House Guest is finally over?